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Integrated Business & Construction Planning

Welcome to IBCP

about us

IBCP is an interdisciplinary commercial property advisory firm and business management consultancy.

Our core ambition is to help clients better utilise their property assets in pursuit of new business opportunities and profit growth. Your commercial property is often the largest asset on your balance sheet. But beyond being a capital asset, optimising your commercial property can be a powerful catalyst for business growth.

We plan, initiate and lead growth strategies through creative and complex integrated business and property development to achieve maximum return on investment and an optimum operational environment for clients.

“We love working with entrepreneurs and multi-generational family businesses. Like us, they understand the importance and value of long-term planning and investment. Our purpose is to help clients develop, implement and manage such plans and investments in the most efficient and effective way.”

Mark Myddelton


IBCP has over 50 years’ combined experience in planning, developing and managing commercial property projects. If you are considering what to do with your commercial property assets, why not see if we can help?


Development of Property Assets

IBCP offers a unique approach to commercial property asset management and development, effectively becoming your internal property team.

Project & Construction Management

We act as your agent bringing together all the required professionals and trades to manage the whole project and deliver significant cost savings.

Integrated Business Planning

IBCP has an experienced, multi-disciplinary consulting team able to provide advice, support and solutions across the key areas of finance and marketing, in addition to property.


For a business to thrive, it must properly manage its money. Businesses need robust finance systems to optimise operations, facilitate expansion, and provide owners with a return on investment.

However, as SME’s grow many increasingly lack expertise in this crucial area and often simply don’t have the resources to employ an experienced full time Finance Director. This can lead to constrained business growth and uncertainty for business owners.


Marketing is often seen as a tactical activity whose role is limited to generating short-term sales leads. However, the true role of marketing is to drive long-term profitable growth within the business.

Our team



Mark Myddelton

Property Director & CEO



Jerry Nicolson

Finance Director



Mike Biscoe

Marketing Director