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For a business to thrive, robust financial management is critical. Businesses need to optimise operations, facilitate expansion, and provide owners with a return on investment.

However, as SME’s grow many increasingly lack expertise in this crucial area and often don’t have the resources to employ an experienced full time Finance Director. This can lead to constrained business growth and uncertainty for business owners.

IBCP can help. We offer bespoke Finance Director services at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time Finance Director.

Even more importantly, our Finance Directors have experience of dealing with the financial challenges your business now faces.

They are available on a flexible basis; a few hours or days a week, a few days a month or on a project by project basis.

Our Finance Director services are integrated into our broader Business Planning, Property Advisory and Marketing Consultancy.

Some examples of how our Finance Director services can help take your business to the next level:

Strategic finance support on a specific project or transaction such as advising on a property acquisition or disposal to maximise value.

Lead and develop your finance team so you have the financial information and advice you need to take the right strategic decisions.

Financial strategy and implementation support specific to operational efficiencies, sales growth and overall business expansion.

Provide cover or mentoring. We can support your current team by providing short term cover or mentoring support for a Financial Controller or first time Finance Director.